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About me

According to the page name, I have to give a little introduction about myself.
So… Hello, I am Nathalie, born on January 1988 and since then living in Antwerp, Belgium.
Thank you for visiting my website. If you want to know more about me, please continue reading. If not – which is totally fine! – you can visit the sewing & DIY page or discover more about my family & life.

The Life Story_starting in January 1988

In life, everyone faces moments that later on turn out to be life determining. I had some of those as well.

back in 2008

The first one, and probably the most important, caught me in 2008. At that time I met my soulmate Michael and it probably was the best thing that ever happened to me. Without him the rest of my life story would have looked totally different. Basically our mothers set us up. Sound pretty pathetic, right? But I could not be more thankful, because at the moment I met him I was quite unhappy, lost, insecure and lonely.  Taking a leap in the dark with him was probably the best choice I ever made. And now, this many years later I can only look back with gratitude and love.

My second moment was in 2010, when we bought our house. It was the start of our big rebuilding story. We cannot deny that it changed who we were and by times it was confronting, hard and stressful, but for us it made our relationship stronger. Because of what we went through we know each other better than anyone and we don’t have to say a word to understand each other. Maybe I will blog later about this big adventure.

Thirdly and as last, my life changed forever the moment I became a mother. There’s probably nothing more lifechanging then becoming a parent. It puts your world upside down, gives you major responsibilities and worries and lets you feel a kind of love that is indescribable and different then any other love in the world. Both in March 2014 and July 2016 I was blessed with a beautiful girl who were named Fenne & Suzie.


What else to know?

As you probably already figured out, I’m totally in love with my family. And this also includes our lovely dog Elvis!

In life I’m not only a women, wife and mother, but also a lab technician.

I adore summertime, the sun and the fresh air when walking in a forest.

I need my cup of coffee in the morning and my favorite dish is the Belgian classic chicory with cheese sauce, cooked in the oven.

I love secondhand markets, vintage stuff, fifties to seventies fashion, Danish furniture and the old Volkswagen beetle.

And not to forget, I like to sew and craft. Cannot wait for the moment that I can DIY with my girls.




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